​Marc Nemiroff

Author of



My Henry Moore” for New Directions.

"The “case presentation” is due in two weeks. I’ve done nothing but wait. I dislike case presentations, because cases are not people but collections of facts. Too much is missing. Like Swiss cheese: I can slice the cheese any way I want and the holes will stay empty..."

Why Do People Cry?” for Dropping Keys

"What is it that causes people to express themselves in tears?  Conventional wisdom has it that, if you are crying, you are sad.  Likely you are depressed.  While this is sometimes true, it is often, perhaps most often, not true..."


Interviewed by WebMD for “10 Signs You're a Micromanaging Parent”.  Child development experts explain why parental involvement sometimes goes too far.

"You are a parent of the new millennium -- caring, involved, and determined to help your child succeed. But there are times when your involvement could do more harm than good..."

Interviewed by the New York Times for “Stress Management For Kindergartners”.

"WASHINGTON, June 17— Mary Minner makes it her business to know what worries children. As the school counselor at Rosemary Hills Primary School in Silver Spring, Md., Ms. Minner, a soft-spoken woman with owl glasses and long gray hair pulled back in a ponytail, tends to the emotional needs of more than 500 students in kindergarten through second grade. If she has learned one thing, it is that young people are not immune to stress..."

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